It’s straightforward enough when you are house-hunting to use the Internet to check out the available stock and apply for viewings – but what is the best way to proceed once you have found a property that ticks all your boxes? You may be convinced that you have found the house of your dreams, but remember that rose-tinted glasses tend to distort one’s vision! The selling agent clearly has but one goal, which is to achieve the best possible result for his or her client. This is precisely why you should bring your own (buying) agent, as a reliable and independent source of sober and factual advice.

Full-service buying agent

The SOS Estate Agency will be delighted to support and assist you in the purchase of your new home. Our full-service range covers all aspects including:

  • taking stock of your requirements and preferences;
  • providing you with a realistic housing advice based on the current property market;
  • searching for a suitable property;
  • accompanying you on property viewings;
  • checking out the structural condition and state of maintenance, analysing the asking price and determining what a realistic purchase price would be, examining the location and providing you with advice on all of this;
  • looking into the various environmental factors (e.g. zoning scheme, environmental conditions, condition of the soil) and providing you with advice thereon;
  • checking out the legal and financial aspects associated with the property and providing you with advice;
  • discussing and carrying out a negotiation strategy;
  • going over the (draft) contract of sale and over any other documents that may be relevant in the context of the purchase;
  • subjecting the property to a final viewing in immediate anticipation of the closing;
  • accompanying you to the notary for the closing;
  • providing you with any follow-up care you may need.

Go straight to the expert!

The SOS Estate Agency is a member of NVM, the Netherlands Association of Estate Agents, and of MVA, the Amsterdam Association of Estate Agents. It is with the greatest pride that the SOS Estate Agency recently accepted the most gratifying invitation to accede to the select group of 15 exclusively accredited Amsterdam-based estate agencies, as additional quality assurance for our clientele. Our estate agents cum appraisers moreover are accredited property specialists with many years of experience in our chosen field. Quality and know-how: this, first and foremost, is what we bring to the table!

On-line information

We set the greatest possible store by frequent and transparent communication at each consecutive stage of the property search and purchase process. This enables us to relay developments in the market to you without delay, for inclusion where appropriate in the decision-making process. As a client of our agency you will be given your very own on-line property purchase file, which we will use to keep you up to date around the clock on new housing stock and scheduled appointments.

Our involvement by no means ends at the moment the contract of sale is signed. In fact, it is a matter of personal pride for us to be there for our clients right up to the final viewing of their new property and the ensuing closing session at the notarial office as well as help them with any questions or issues that may crop up at a later stage.

We will be happy to include you in our listing alert service, to ensure that you are kept up to date via e-mail on new property listings as soon as these become available (often before they are posted on the “Funda” web site).

Please don’t hesitate to contact us during office hours for more detailed information – on a no-strings-attached basis, it goes without saying – on the SOS Estate Agency approach to property searches.